Multi Channel Shipping Management

Multi Channel Shipping Management

The shipping of orders is a crucial aspect of online selling. This task can become quite challenging when dealing with multiple sales channels and accounts. These systems streamline the order fulfillment process by automating picking, packing, and shipping tasks. They do this by generating shipping labels and tracking shipments. 

Here’s where Salesoperator comes in to make this process easier for you! We help you process shipping orders in bulk with multi channel shipping management.

Fulfillment for multiple channels

To pick, pack and ship your orders is time-intensive and binds a lot of your resources. Whether it is your valuable time or warehouse space for storing goods and packaging material. We offer an integrated solution to address this need by seamlessly integrating Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) with the Salesoperator platform. This streamlines the fulfillment process so that you can focus on core operations.

This has been designed to enhance efficiency, reduce operational burdens, and ultimately contribute to a more seamless and cost-effective order fulfillment experience for your business.

We, therefore, offer you Fulfillment by Amazon integration with the Salesoperator platform. That too, at no extra cost!

Using the multi-channel order management software systems, you can view orders from all your sales channels, eBay, Amazon, and the webshop, in a single unified dashboard. You can filter the orders that need to be shipped. With a click of a button, send all these orders to FBA for a hassle-free shipping experience.

Save time and minimize errors!


Manual shipping: Print invoices and packing lists with ease

All the orders you plan to ship will need invoices and packing slips. These will have to be printed before you can ship the products.

With Salesoperator’s shipping management system, you can print invoices and packing lists all in one go as you are preparing to pack and ship orders.

Just choose the orders due for shipping and bulk print the invoices and packing lists on this multi-channel shipping management platform. No need to fret over missing invoices or packing lists.


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