Multi-channel Order Management Software

Multi-channel Order Management Software

Order management is a routine task. The more products, accounts, and channels, the greater the volume of orders. All this adds up to immense hassle and pressure for you!

That’s why you need an Order Management System to manage and fulfill ecommerce orders efficiently and faster. You need to unite all your ecommerce platforms to enhance order processing efficiency.

Here’s where our top-notch tool can help out! Salesoperator prides itself on having created robust multi-channel order management software. Through this, you can handle all your orders through a common interface.

Manage orders efficiently

With our superior multichannel order management software, you get to see all your orders from multiple sales channels on one single platform. This means that overseeing all the orders will naturally become a more straightforward task.

Our goal is to help make order management efficient for you.


Easy sorting of orders

We provide bulk listing and advanced sorting features as part of our order management interface. With this, you can use various filters and keywords to sort through orders of different categories.

Be it orders that the customers have complaints about, be it unpaid orders, or the paid ones which are ready to be shipped, you can quickly find relevant orders.


Bulk functionality

Once you have filtered your orders as per the relevant category, the Sales manager enables you to bulk act on those orders.

You choose which orders need to be handled, decide the function, and take action on all of them in one swift go.


Enhance Customer Experience

Our multichannel order management enables you to have seamless and consistent order management to offer a unified customer experience across channels. Customers from your different marketplaces will get the same level of experience and fulfillment. This helps in building trust and generates positive word-of-mouth.


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