Multi-channel Listing Software

Multi-channel Listing Software

What if you could do away with the complexities of managing the listing and scheduling of your products across all your accounts on multiple channels like eBay, and Amazon? We, at Salesoperator, have created a power-packed multi-channel listing software to help you with exactly that!

Salesoperator saves time

Salesoperator offers a one-page lister that includes multiple channels like eBay and Amazon. Enter all details like titles, prices, images, etc. only once for all. These details are available whenever you need them. With the same layout for all channels, Salesoperator’s multi-channel listing software is easy to use.

Uploading product details on multiple channels is a time-consuming process. With its powerful multi-channel listing software, Salesoperator shortens the time required to list your products so that you can spend less time in product listing and more time selling products.

No need to log onto each sales channel and upload the same details several times.

Save your valuable time with the Salesoperator listing product software!


Pre-defined rules to make listing easy

Salesoperator multi-channel listing software enables you to create some rules, which match your listing process. This ensures consistency across all channels. You can use these pre-defined rules on our one-page lister to make listing quick, effortless, and efficient.

When you upload data to different sales channels, you won’t have to specify certain details again and again. Just use the pre-defined rules set by you and make the listing process easy with Salesoperator.

Avoid Manual Errors

Salesoperator’s listing feature streamlines and automates the listing process by allowing sellers to update listings on various ecommerce channels. Thus, you don’t need to manually update each listing, avoiding the risk of errors.

Convenient scheduling

There are times when you need to plan the listing of products online. It can either be for convenience or to reach customers during peak time.

Salesoperator’s listing software allows for the scheduling of listings over and above the eBay scheduling feature. This will single out your listing and will save you some money.

Based on the inventory available, Salesoperator also facilitates the re-listing of products. The Salesoperator interface can help to ease the pressure of timely scheduling of listings. List your products exactly when and where you want them.

With our eBay listing tool and Amazon bulk listing software, there will be no more last-minute listing woes!


Update product details in one go

There are times your product details need to be updated and adjusted. There can be mistakes that need to be corrected as well.

With just a click of a button, you can make the necessary updates to your listings, which will reflect across all your sales channels. Salesoperator’s multi-channel listing software makes it easier to upload product listings in bulk.

This powerful feature not only saves you time and effort, but also ensures that your product details are always accurate and consistent.


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