Multi-channel eCommerce Reporting

Multi-channel eCommerce Reporting

To run a business, it’s not enough to just list products and ensure proper order fulfillment for your sales. Keeping track of the sales data is a must for better planning, wider reach, and improved sales across all your sales channels. That’s how your business will grow!

We, at Salesoperator, understand this very well. Hence, we have built multi-channel eCommerce reporting capabilities into our multi-channel e-commerce tool.

Improve sales

Reports form a crucial aspect of understanding your market, customers, and product portfolios in a better way. Having the right data available, thus, is key. Our reports are designed to help you with this.

We help you improve your sales across multiple e-commerce channels.


Understand your product-portfolio

The reports you view on Salesoperator help you to assess how the whole range of your products is doing.

All sales channels are different, some will work better than others for you. With Salesoperator, you can see what product is working best on which sales channels.
You can then focus on the products that are doing well while expanding the product range you offer.


Grow your business in a smarter way

As a retail seller, your ultimate aim is to improve your business and grow it further.
We collect all the essential information from different sales channels and build them into our reports. Presenting them to you in a clean, intuitive style, we help you understand your business better.

This way, Salesoperator with its multi-channel eCommerce reporting capabilities will help you grow your business in a smart way.


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