6  Best AI Marketing Tools To Include In Your Stack In 2024

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The landscape of e-commerce marketing has been transformed by the advent of AI software. With so many AI tools available, it can be challenging to determine which one offers the most value.

In this blog, we have curated a list of 11 AI tools to help online sellers run their businesses.  

6 AI Marketing Tools For E-commerce Sellers 

Let’s have a look at some of the highly popular and useful AI tools that will help in automating many tasks. 

1. Jasper AI 

Jasper is a copywriting assistant to create a variety of content for marketers. If you find writing SEO-optimized product descriptions, social media copy, and emails tough, Jasper can make your task easier. It can accelerate your content generation process.     


Key Features: 

  • Integrate with Google docs 
  • Maintain consistency in tone and style of language across multiple platforms
  • Streamline content creation
  • Write impactful product features at scale 


Pricing plans start from $39 per month.You have the choice between  three pricing plans.   

Free Trial available.  

2.  AiTrillion 


AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing automation platform which has been developed to suit ecommerce needs. It offers a range of AI-powered tools and insights to help sellers grow their online business. 

The platform provides email marketing, live chat, customer review platform, workflow automation, and much more to streamline your operations. 

Key Features

  • Automates email marketing 
  • Tracks the performance of email campaigns 
  • Send loyalty redeem reminders via email, SMS and web push


Pricing plans start from $3 per month.You have the choice between three pricing plans. 

It offers a 14-days free trial option. 


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3.  Gorgias 


Gorgias is a reliable help desk option for ecommerce sellers. It allows you to quickly respond to customer inquiries and product questions in real-time, all without the customer ever having to leave your website or abandon their cart. 

Key Features

  • All-in-one dashboard makes it easy to manage and respond to comments 
  • Sources questions from customers across multiple platforms, including social media and your e-commerce site.
  • Leverage AI to prioritize, assign, and track every single ticket 
  • Know customer’s order history, loyalty status, subscriptions, reviews, and everything that matters 


Pricing plans start from $50 per month.  

Free trial is not available.  

4.  Granify 


Granify enables ecommerce store owners to optimize their revenue through machine-learning. 

Key features

  • Captures vast amounts of behavioral data points during visitors’ interactions with your online store.
  • Provides insights on the optimal time to contact customers, increasing conversion opportunities. 
  • Gain a deep understanding of your customers’ preferences
  • Create compelling messages that persuade your audience to purchase your products.


The pricing plans are not listed on their website. For pricing information, please reach out to their sales department.

5.  Namogoo  


Namogoo leverages artificial intelligence to identify lost revenue opportunities, thereby helping ecommerce store owners boost their revenues. It accomplishes this not only on your ecommerce store’s website, but also on your app. 

Key Features

  • Gather, predict, and act upon all journey data in real-time, to deliver precise experiences that drive revenue.
  • Launch personalized promotions for every single shopper. 
  • Send smart, personalized emails and SMSs to customers that actually convert.
  • Predict your shoppers’ next moves with AI- based on predictive analysis. 


Please contact their sales department for pricing. Pricing plans are not publicly available on their website.

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6. Kimonix 


Kimonix empowers eCommerce management teams to create smart, automated product collections and sorting strategies utilizing various parameters and personalization.  

Key Features

  • Optimize inventory  
  • Dynamically control product segmentation 
  • Pre-built templates 
  • Automate product recommendation


Kimonix offers four pricing plans starting from $19 per month. Free trial is not available. 

Closing Thoughts 

Using AI tools can be a smart strategy for e-commerce businesses to stand out. By providing data-driven decisions, personalized shopping experiences, and streamlined inventory management, AI tools can help increase brand awareness, boost efficiency, and drive more sales. I hope this blog can be a good starting point for choosing the best AI tools for your e-commerce business. 

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