Amazon SEO: Top Strategies to Optimize Your Product Listings 

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Do you want to sell more on the Amazon store? You cannot achieve this if you don’t understand how to rank higher in search results. That’s where Amazon SEO strategies can help.  

This post will share actionable insights and strategies about product listing to help you rank higher in the search results and sell more on the platform.  

Know About Amazon A10 Ranking Algorithm  

Amazon uses the A10 algorithm to rank products in search results. This algorithm aims to help shoppers buy the best and most relevant products. This is different from Google and other search engines. A10 algorithm caters mainly to transactional intent. It’s less about information. 

Amazon users are different from other search engines as they are not looking for information. Amazon favors the keywords that are more likely to drive sales. 

Key Factors in the A10 Algorithm 

Though Amazon doesn’t reveal the critical factors, a  few things need to address if you want your product to appear higher in the Amazon search results. Working on these factors will yield results: 

  • Keywords: Identify keywords that reflect users’ search intent and use these relevant keywords naturally throughout the product. It gives a signal to the Amazon algorithm that your product is appropriate for a particular search result. 
  • Conversion rate: A higher conversion rate is a crucial signal that may help you appear higher in the search results. It’s in Amazon’s interest to display pages that convert well.  
  • Reviews: A lot of positive reviews give a signal about the quality of your product. More positive reviews also prompt users to buy the product as they are social testimonials. This helps in higher search results for the search queries.  
  • Sales history: A product listing with higher sales gives a strong signal that your product listing is worth showcasing to shoppers. 

How to Optimize Product Pages on Amazon 

Product listing on Amazon is both an art and a science. Understanding it is straightforward. Amazon’s algorithm attaches a lot of importance. It’s not without a reason. The product title is the first thing that users see.  Amazon has given some clear guidelines and tips regarding writing great product titles: 

  • The maximum permissible length of title is 80 characters. 
  • Avoid using all capitalized letters. Use title case while writing title descriptions.  
  • Don’t use promotional phrases like free shipping or discounts. 
  • Avoid using variation-related information in the title. 

4 Amazon SEO Tips to Drive Sales And Revenue 

Here are four essential SEO tips to drive sales and traffic on the Amazon store: 

1. Use the primary keyword in the title

Additionally, it helps to use the primary or the most essential keyword in the title itself.


If you analyze the above product page, you can see how the abovementioned factors have been implemented. 

2. Optimize the product feature section 

After the product title section, the features section comes. It is mentioned as “About this product .”This is a bulleted list of product features and benefits. The maximum limit for this section is 1000 characters.  

It is critical as it gives buyers additional information about the product to help them decide. Having a well-written features section impacts sales positively.  

To write a product description, start with the first bullet point; the most important feature or benefit should come at the top. Also, write in a way that, as a user, you will like to know. 

The best approach is following both features and benefits. 

For example: 

  • Snap-adjustable cuffs to keep you dry
  • Roomy, comfortable fit suitable for any season
  • 100% waterproof for rainy weather protection
  • Available in red, yellow, purple, or green colors  

3. Create high-quality images 

A picture speaks louder than words. Adding good-quality images is a must on Amazon’s product listing page. It increases click-through rate and helps users to make a purchase decision. Amazon allows you to add up to 9 images. It would help if you took full advantage of this. 

Here are some guidelines for uploading images: 

  • Only use authentic product images with white background.  
  • 500 x 500 pixels should be the minimum pixel size of images.  
  • The minimum resolution should be at least 72 dpi. 

4. Focus on positive reviews 

Most of us who buy from Amazon confirm they do it after reading reviews. It’s a crucial signal for them. Therefore, make sure your product has enough reviews and high ratings.  

So, how can you garner great customer reviews on Amazon? Apart from maintaining the quality of the product, you’ll need to do a few things. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal: 

  • Use the “Request a Review” button. It’s the easiest way to gather customer reviews. Keep the placement of the button next to an order.  
  • Once the product is delivered, Amazon will automatically mail to leave a product review.
  • Accurately describe your product and its features. 
  • Address people’s grievances promptly and request them not to leave negative reviews. 


On a final note, you can do many more things to optimize your product listings on Amazon. However, these are the most essential things to start with. It will help you stand out from the crowd with your product listings.

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