6 Step Strategic Sourcing Process of Products for Your Ecommerce Store

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At first glance, sourcing products for your e-commerce website may seem like a straightforward task. You might think all you need to do is know your product, locate a supplier, import the items, and start selling. And blow is the 6 step strategic sourcing process to speed up sales. However, the reality is far more intricate than this. Sourcing high-quality products at competitive prices with good profit margins requires extensive research and a considerable amount of trial and error.

6 step strategic sourcing process

In this post, we will discuss 6 step strategic sourcing process, explore each step of the journey, and various strategies for finding the right products.  

First, finding a reliable sourcing channel is the most critical step in running a successful ecommerce business. Your idea should be to collaborate with a reliable wholesaler to gain access to a diverse array of quality products.  Alternatively, establish direct relationships with manufacturers to obtain lower-priced products, but keep in mind minimum order quantities and higher upfront expenses. Additionally, attending trade shows can be beneficial for market research, supplier networking, and discovering exclusive products. 

Second, research potential products within your chosen niche. Look for trends, demand, and competition to identify gaps or opportunities in the market. Use tools like Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers, and social media platforms to gather valuable insights.

Third, evaluate supplier’s reliability: look for suppliers with a solid reputation in the industry, as well as positive feedback from other businesses they have worked with. Consider factors like product quality, ensuring that the items they offer meet your standards and match the expectations of your customers.

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Fourth, To make an informed decision, reach out to multiple suppliers and request quotes, product samples, and information about their services. By comparing their offerings, you can identify the most reliable supplier that best aligns with your business needs, ensuring a smooth and successful product-sourcing process for your e-commerce store.

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Fifth, pricing is another critical aspect to consider. Compare the pricing of different suppliers to ensure you are getting competitive rates without compromising on product quality. For that, you need to invite quotes from different suppliers to compare for the pricing.  

Additionally, pay attention to the supplier’s shipping options and delivery times. Timely and reliable shipping is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting delivery expectations.

Sixth, before committing to a large order, request product samples from potential suppliers. This allows you to assess the quality and suitability of the products for your store. It’s essential to ensure that the samples meet your standards before proceeding.

These were 6 step strategic sourcing process.

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Bonus Tips

Start with a small batch– It helps you understand how people respond to your products. You’ll get a feel for the demand and popularity, which is super helpful. Plus, it’s a chance to spot any issues or areas for improvement before going big with your inventory. This way, you can play it safe, make adjustments if needed, and be sure you’re on the right path before leaping to larger production and offering more products. A smart way to play it safe and set yourself up for success!    


In conclusion, as an e-commerce seller, you are continually seeking novel and ingenious methods to source your products. The strategic sourcing process is not merely about discovering appealing products; it entails a thoughtful assessment of your sourcing model’s efficiency, flexibility, and cost to safeguard your business. Prioritizing these factors ensures that you make well-informed decisions to boost your business’s success.

Embracing the 6 step strategic sourcing process empowers you to optimize your product selection and fortify your position in the market, giving you a competitive edge and fostering long-term Economic growth and profitability. Remember, sourcing is not just about finding the latest trends; it’s about strategic decision-making that aligns with your business goals and customer needs. By adopting these strategies, you position yourself for sustainable success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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