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Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software

An all-in-one multi-channel eCommerce software, Salesoperator helps to ease out the process of online selling. From efficient product listing to comprehensive order management, the Salesoperator makes for a superior multi-channel eCommerce platform.

With integrated FBA for no extra cost, Salesoperator is the best cost-effective solution for selling on multiple online marketplaces.

Multi Channel

Multi Market Capacity


Fulfillment by Amazon


Works across borders Seamlessly


Streamlines after sales process order management system



We have created a powerful listing software for multiple eCommerce channels. This is to help make the listing and scheduling of products simple and quick for you.

Salesoperator offers a one-view platform for listing on all supported channels. Easily create common rules and use them swiftly for all your products and channels. A simplification that saves time and creates value!


Order Management

Within Salesoperator, we have the specially designed Sales Manager to manage all your orders, It’s a comprehensive and neat interface for effective order management.

Whether it is eBay, Amazon, or the webshop, Sales Manager helps you view all your orders in one go. You can sort through the orders quickly using filters and search options. Proceed to handle the orders in bulk.


Order Shipping

Our Salesoperator platform offers integration with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). That too, at no additional costs!

This ensures that shipping is hassle-free and cost-effective for you. We also facilitate the bulk printing of invoices and packing lists, making sure that you don’t have to worry about these critical routine tasks.



The ultimate aim for you, as a seller, is to grow your business. This is possible when you focus on profitable products and channels while improving your product range.

Salesoperator offers you some preliminary reports for the sales on multiple channels. We are striving to increase our efforts and improve upon this area in the coming months.

For this, we are keen to hear your suggestions and journey together towards a better reporting of your market, products and customers. This is to ensure that you can plan well and sell more!


Why Sellers Choose Salesoperator

Based on a holistic view of customer behaviour, developing strategies that use the right channels to engage a specific target audience at a specific time. We saw the need for an improved, reasonably priced operations platform that easily gives us access to customer orders and messages in one place. Without the need to switch between applications.


All in One Multi Channel Tool


Easy to Operate


Cost Effective


Time Efficient


Completely open to feedback and Suggestion


Early Beta Tester Registration

Try Unlimited for free

SalesOperator is now available to beta testers! We’re able to offer a useful, easy tool to everyone thanks to feedback from you. As a thank you for participating in our beta testing, we’re giving unlimited access for free!

Here are a few other notes:

  • As a product in beta, you may encounter bugs. Please report any bug you find to We really appreciate this.
  • We want to hear your feedback and feature requests as well! Send them as well.
  • The software will check for updates each time you launch it. When an update is available, please install it.

We want you to be part of shaping the design of our future products. By becoming a beta tester, you’ll be among the first to try out new products and provide feedback so we can fine-tune them before the final launch.

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